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Welcome to teeny bead co.

We create colourful jewellery with high-quality, ethically sourced materials.

Our pieces are fun-yet-sophisticated, are crafted using top quality materials and, most importantly, don't cost the earth. 

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Hand-crafted with care

Each Teeny Bead Co. piece is threaded by hand in​ our studio in the heart of the steel city: Sheffield, UK. 

Ethically sourced & sustainability focussed

We take great care in sourcing our materials to make sure they're a perfect blend of ethicaldurable and beautiful. And all our packaging is completely recyclable.

Our goal is make sure the mark we leave on the planet is one of beauty and not of destruction. Read more about our eco-conscious journey on the blog.

Completely customisable

Customisation is a key part of Teeny Bead Co. Most of our pieces are made to order, giving you the opportunity to create you perfect piece. 

All our jewellery is packaged and posted using completely recyclable materials.


Your jewellery will arrive in a paper-padded envelope or cardboard box and is packaged using mostly recycled and completely recyclable materials. Oh, and it'll all fit through your letterbox.

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