Caring for your piece

Treat me with care

Although our pieces are made for everyday wear, they are still delicate pieces of jewellery. 


Lots of people — including Chief Teeny Beader, Ellen — choose to wear their pieces all the time, but we can't guarantee that this won't weaken the piece over time.


To help prolong the life of your Teeny Bead Co piece, reduce contact with chemicals (like perfumes and lotions) and remove it before you take a bath or shower. Be particularly careful with anklets when putting on and taking off trousers.

Choose the right size

 If your piece is too tight, not only will it be uncomfortable, but it'll also put strain on the fixings and the thread which can result in snapping. You'll also find that, when it gets wet, the silk thread contracts and shrinks your piece slightly which can make your piece even smaller. (Don't worry, it goes back to normal when it's dry.)

Top tip: When you're measuring for your piece, make sure you can still comfortably fit a finger between the string and your neck, wrist or ankle.

See our sizing guide for more information about picking the right size.