caring for your

teeny bead co. piece

All the materials we use to create your piece have been chosen for their beauty, but also their durability. That said, there are a few things you can do to help them last a lifetime.

rinse off after swimming in the sea

Although you can get your Teeny Bead Co. piece wet, we recommend you rinse it off with fresh water after you've been in the sea.

(Even if you just hop in the shower afterwards.)

don't spritz perfume directly on your jewellery

Like with most jewellery, perfume can tarnish the metals on your Teeny bead Co. piece. Try to let your perfume dry before putting on your jewellery or avoid spritzing directly on your piece.

And for our heavier pieces such as the Millefiori Pearl Collection...

don't sleep, swim or shower in the piece

Larger pieces such as the Millefiori Pearl Collection are much heavier than our classic pieces, making the thread much more prone to stretching and ultimately, snapping. We'd advise you treat these pieces with extra care.

Harland Works, Sheffield, UK

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