Our materials

metals made to last

The metals we offer have been chosen for their blend of beauty and durability. 

sterling silver

At a glance, sterling silver is no different to pure silver, when in fact, it's much stronger and more durable. A popular choice among jewellers, sterling silver is a classic metal that looks beautiful and, when cared for, lasts a lifetime.

gold fill

Our rose and yellow gold options are made from a material called gold fill. Though it's practically indistinguishable from pure gold, both yellow and rose gold fill are much stronger, making it ideal for jewellery-making. 

Gold fill is also different to gold plated. Gold plated jewellery is coated with a micro-thin layer of gold that will chip and wear over time. Gold fill, on the other hand, is a strong metal fused with a layer of pure gold almost 15x thicker than gold plated, making it much, much more durable.

natural, durable thread

All our pieces are made using a 100% natural, biodegradable silk thread*.

Available in a variety of hand-selected colours, we chose silk thread for the same reasons we chose our metals: durability, beauty and sustainability. 

Silk is extremely strong and is much less likely to snap under stress than the wider-used choice: nylon. Silk is also much more sustainable than nylon as it's biodegradable.

Some Teeny Bead Co. pieces simply use the silk's durability and strength, and others show off its beauty with exposed thread and tassels.

Ellen teany bead co1273 1.jpg

* Our daisy chain pieces are still made with a durable nylon thread. This is because this pattern requires a transparent thread meaning that we can't use silk. We are on the hunt for a more eco-friendly alternative and will switch as soon as we find something suitable.